Webinar Peace of mind

Are also allways looking forward to your weekend or holiday?
And do you notice that when you finally can enjoy your weekend or holiday, you still suffer from stress? And you are not able to really enjoy the time and space you have?

How would it be for you if:

  • you are able to really enjoy your weekend and holiday?
  • you feel peaceful and have balance in your life?
  • you can get and maintain that great job?
  • you can handle changes and unclear information?
  • your communication is clear, so you can be understood?
  • you have energy for your family, job and other things that are important for you?

Do want to experience peace of mind, both in your job and at home during weekends and holidays?

If you answer this question with a YES, attend the free of charge webinar “Peace of mind” on Monday September 27th 2021.

C├ęcile and I give you tips how to experience Peace of mind. And towards the end of the webinar we have an oppurtunity available for you.

So, do you want peace of mind? Sign up here for this free of charge webinar!

“By taking part of this webinar, I realise that I can do a lot to experience peace of mind.”

“I had tears in my eyes when attending this webinar, I recognised so much.”


How long does the webinar take?
The webinar will take about a hour.

How can I attend the webinar?
After you’ve signed up, you receive a link per e-mail. You can attend the webinar on your phone, but we recommend to attend on your tablet, laptop or desktop.

Do I need anything else to attend the webinar?
Have pen and paper ready, so you can make notes during the webinar. We somethimes you a phone with camera or photo camera, to take pictures of a certain slide in the presentation. So you do not have to write down everything.

I’m not able to watch on the planned date. Will a replay be availbale?
A replay will be available, you will automatically receive a link to the replay about two hours after the live webinar. The replay will be available until one week after the live webinar.