Women with autism

04/01/2024 / Esther Oomen

Women with autism

On my article some time ago about high-functioning autism in women, I received a lot of responses. From women who recognise themselves in my article and talk about how autism works in them. I also received questions from women with autism about how autism works in women.

Autism is different for each person

First, let me point out that autism manifests itself differently in every individual. So it is certainly not the case that certain features always occur only in women and other features always occur only in men. We are increasingly finding out that a lot of characteristics are simply intertwined and occur in both women and men.

Some characteristics or ways of coping with autism do occur more often in women than in men, and vice versa.

Autism in women

Adults with (suspected) autism often run into things in terms of:

In women with (suspected) autism, you often see the following features:

As I mentioned earlier, these characteristics are really not specific to women, men can experience them just as well. In women, however, they are common. The list is not exhaustive, other things can also come into play. The amount of bother you experience also depends on the situation, how you slept, whether you feel good, etc.

What things do you run into with your (traits of) autism? Let me know in a comment.

Are you understood at work?

Do you feel you are understood at work? And are you getting the support you need?

I often see women and men with (suspected) autism feeling that they are not understood at work. And that their colleagues do not understand autism, let alone can take into account their colleague with (traits of) autism.

What can help here is having a conversation with your manager and/or HR. And I am happy to help you with this. Let’s start with a free session, so we can get to know each other and discuss what you are up against. Request your free session by sending me a mail.

In this free session, we discuss what you are struggling with and how I can help you with it. We hold your session of about 30 minutes in my practice or via Teams.

P.S. Employers often have a budget for coaching

By the way, did you know that employers often have a budget for employees that can be used for personal coaching and programmes such as Rest and Balance at Work?

Are you done with the lack of control and overview when changes occur at work? And that often present fatigue and lack of energy? Could you use some help with this? Or can I help you talk to your manager?

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