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Adaptations that work for autism

Adaptations that work for autism Recently, I have been sharing a lot of information about autism, work, pitfalls and qualities. One very important topic related to it I want to share with you today : adaptations that work with autism, especially in the workplace. It’s often in small things Many people with (suspected) autism who […]

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Pitfalls and qualities of people with autism

Pitfalls and qualities of people with autism Nowadays, you hear media reports about autism quite regularly. For instance, about a Dutch celebrity talking about his or her autism diagnosis. Or stories of experience from less well-known Dutch people. When you talk about autism, what exactly are you talking about? What are the pitfalls and qualities […]

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Neurodiversity as a strenght

Neurodiversity as a strenght This week I attended the first day of the training Neurodiversity coaching. It was a good training and helpful to get erverything in line again when it comes to neurodiversity. I regularly come across something in which I recognise myself. And that’s good to know. We were also talking about┬áneurodiversity as […]

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Women with autism

Women with autism On my article some time ago about high-functioning autism in women, I received a lot of responses. From women who recognise themselves in my article and talk about how autism works in them. I also received questions from women with autism about how autism works in women. Autism is different for each […]

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Suspected autism

Suspected autism I often read and write about autism. About how I experience it in my practice as an autism coach and about what we encounter within our family. And, of course, what other people write about autism in blogs and books. In these, it is often about people with an autism diagnosis and also […]

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