Adaptations that work for autism

01/02/2024 / Esther Oomen

Adaptations that work for autism

Recently, I have been sharing a lot of information about autism, work, pitfalls and qualities. One very important topic related to it I want to share with you today : adaptations that work with autism, especially in the workplace.

It’s often in small things

Many people with (suspected) autism who work, run into things in their work. This may or may not have to do with their autism. In my practice as an autism coach, I notice that it is often in small things. If you can adapt those little things, do them slightly differently, you can often achieve a lot.

Below, I list a number of things point by point that you can take a look at when you encounter issues at work. Look at it, how does this work for you and try to apply the tip.

What to try out:

Which tips will you try? Let me know in a comment.

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P.S. Employers often have a budget for coaching

By the way, did you know that employers often have a budget for employees that can be used for personal coaching and programmes such as Rest and Balance at Work?

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