Peace and balance at work, everyone wants that.

Do you regularly get stuck due to (suspected) autism?

  • Are you aged between 18 and 70?
  • Do you recognise (traits of) autism, also known as autism spectrum disorder or ASD?
  • Could you use some help with rest and balance at work due to your autism, organising your work, fatigue you experience after work and/or communication with your colleagues and manager?
  • And would you like to learn how to leave time and energy for the other important things in your life, such as your family, family and friends?
I’d like to help you!

Do you have a diagnosis of autism or do you recognise yourself in autism?

In my autism coaching practice, I teach (young) adults with (characteristics of) autism how to achieve peace and balance in their work, making them feel comfortable in their own skin.

I can also help managers of people with (characteristics of) autism to deal well with their employee and get to know the do’s and don’ts.

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P.S. This page is still under construction. It will be improved soon.